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Rachewiltz, Siegfried de, and Josef Riedmann, eds. Kommunikation und Mobilität im Mittelalter: Begegnungen zwischen dem Süden und der Mitte Europas (11.-14. Jahrhundert).Sigmaringen: Thorbecke, 1995.
Rachwal, Tadeusz, and Tadeusz Slawek, eds. Word, subject, nature: studies in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century culture.Prace naukowe Uniwersytetu [S]l[a]skiego w Katowicach, no. 1557.Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu [S]l[a]skiego, 1996.
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Rackham, James, ed. Environment and economy in Anglo-Saxon England: a review of recent work on the environmental archaeology of rural and urban Anglo-Saxon settlements in England: proceedings of a conference held at the Museum of London, 9-10 April, 1990.CBA research report, no. 89.York: Council for British Archaeology, 1994.
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Radcliff-Umstead, Douglas, ed. Innovation in medieval literature: essays to the memory of Alan Markman.Pittsburgh, Pa.: Medieval Studies Committee, University of Pittsburgh, 1971.
Radcliff-Umstead, Douglas, ed. The university world: a synoptic view of higher education in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.University of Pittsburgh publications in medieval and Renaissance studies, 2.Pittsburgh: Medieval and Renaissance Studies Committee, University of Pittsburgh, 1973.
Radcliff-Umstead, Douglas, ed. The roles and images of women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.University of Pittsburgh publications on the Middle Ages and Renaissance, no. 3.Pittsburgh: Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Institute for the Human Sciences, 1975.
Radelet-de Grave, Patricia, and Edoardo Benvenuto, eds. Entre mécanique et architecture.Boston: Birkhaüser Verlag, 1995.
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Radulescu, Raluca L., and Edward Donald Kennedy, eds.  Broken lines: genealogical literature in late-medieval Britain and France.Medieval texts and cultures of Northern Europe, no. 16.Turnhout: Brepols, 2008.
Raeburn, Michael, ed., with a foreword by Hugh Casson. Architecture of the western world.New York: Rizzoli, 1980.
Raffield, Paul, and Gary Watt, eds. Shakespeare and the law.Oxford; Portland, OR: Hart, 2008.
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Raguin, Virginia Chieffo, and Sarah Stanbury, eds. Women's space: patronage, place, and gender in the medieval church.SUNY series in medieval studies.Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2005.
Rahe, Paul A., ed. Machiavelli's liberal republican legacy.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.
Rahman, Shahid, ed. Unity, truth and the liar: the modern relevance of medieval solutions to the liar paradox.Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science.Dordrecht: Springer Science, 2008.
Rahtz, Philip, Tania Dickinson, and Lorna Watts, eds. Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, 1979: the fourth Anglo-Saxon symposium at Oxford.BAR British series, no. 82.Oxford: B.A.R., 1980.
Raines, John C., and Daniel C. Maguire, eds. What men owe to women: men's voices from world religions.Albany: State University of New York Press, 2001.
Raiswell, Richard, and Peter Dendle, eds. The Devil in society in premodern Europe.Essays and studies (Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.). Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies), no. 28.Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2012.


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