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How do I add / remove IP ranges associated with my institution's subscription?

To add or remove IP ranges associated with your institution's subscription, please contact Marian Cosic:

Are usage statistics available?

COUNTER-compliant institutional usage statistics are available for Iter resources. Please contact Marian Cosic:

Do you support research management tools?

The Iter Bibliography is Zotero-enabled. Iter Bibliography records can be downloaded to RefWorks.

Are you OPEN-URL compliant?

The Iter Bibliography is OPEN-URL compliant. 

Do citations in the Iter Bibliography link to their full text counterparts?

Access to full-text is available via an institutional subscription only, and only to the full-text to which the institution subscribes. 

Is concurrent and unlimited usage supported?

Institutional subscriptions support concurrent users and unlimited time usage.

Individual subscriptions support unlimited time usage. Subscriptions are intended for the personal use of the subscriber only; user names and passwords are not to be shared.

Are trial subscriptions available?

Limited-time institutional and individual trial subscriptions can be arranged free of charge. For more information, please contact Marian Cosic:

Are discounted individual subscription rates offered?

An individual who is a member in good standing of at least one of the following societies is eligible for Iter’s discounted Society Member individual subscription rate for a subscription to the Iter Bibliography:

How do I renew my institution's subscription?

A renewal invoice will be e-mailed to the individual we have listed as the main contact for your institution. For most institutions, invoices are mailed in December and charge for the upcoming calendar year. An institution that has arranged to be invoiced on its fiscal year will receive a renewal invoice near the end of that fiscal year. 

How do I renew my individual subscription?

Near the end of your subscription year, an invitation to renew will be e-mailed to the address we have on file.

Can I follow Iter on Twitter?

You can follow Iter on Twitter under the handle @Iter_Community.  

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