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Other Voice v49 Awarded SSEMW's 2017 Josephine Roberts Award for a Scholarly Edition Published in 2016

OV 49 Awarded Society for the Study of Early Modern Women's

2017 Josephine Roberts Award for a Scholarly Edition Published in 2016

Feliciana Enriquez De Guzman, Ana Caro Mallen, and Sor Marcela De San Felix
Women Playwrights of Early Modern Spain
Edited by Nieves Romero-Diaz and Lisa Vollendorf; Translated and Annotated by Harley Erdman

Toronto: Iter Press; Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2016
The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Toronto Series, 49
Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 501

The committee underscored in its choice how this skillfully translated edition of ten plays authored by three women playwrights from early modern Spain clearly contextualizes these plays in light of Golden Age Spanish theater, considers the various roles of female playwrights in this tradition, and makes explicit the significance of these playwrights and their works in the broader context of women’s and gender studies. They also commented that, taken together, the plays not only exemplify the diversity of women’s as well as men’s experiences, but also showcase the wide range of literary and creative outputs of the three playwrights in question. Finally, the committee noted that the translation is highly readable and has the potential to reach a broad audience beyond specialists in Spanish theater and scholars of literature, women, and gender. 

Print copies may be ordered from Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

The ebook may be ordered from Iter (institutions only).

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